He returned from Canada.

How many have you had?

Only then did I realize that I had left my wallet at home.

I drink 1.7 liters of water each day.


What would you like to do tomorrow?


Did Mike stop drinking alcoholic drinks?


I wasn't competitive enough.

Doug is perfect for the job.

It is rude not to tip a waiter.

I carried on reading the book.

I like being a little star, being a big star is too much pressure and I don't like pressure at all.


Tiefenthal decided on his own to help Neville.


Nothing is going his way.

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Jackye looks pretty relaxed.

Don't walk on the shards of the broken bottle.

I must finish reading that book by tomorrow.

How long does it take for a veterinarian to examine a horse?

I never thought Matthew could do it.

I have only 10 books.

Mac is a kisser.

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I was impatient for the game to start.

I'll make yours a double.

I'd rather you didn't, if you don't mind.


Will Jeffery hear Raja recite the poem?

Dan accused Linda of stealing rations.

May all my dreams come true.

Human rights are universal.

You guys have to leave now.

Don't let go of me.

We're helping Loren out.

Let's get to know each other.

Mr. Brown has a magical way with children.

Let's double check.

I don't have cancer.

The population of this country is gradually diminishing.

I'm very happy about it.

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In many old movies the heroine is always the one to die.

Why are we voting for Hohn?

I sleep little.

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The results are good.

If it had not been for the storm, I would have arrived earlier.

When you translate, you must remember that sentences should sound natural, and that they shouldn't differ significantly from the original meaning of the translated words.

No one laughed at my little accident and everyone seemed a little sad.

I was worried about my mistakes at first.

We miss you, too.

Could you excuse us, please?

I'm supposed to pick Christina up after work.

I'd like to try to do this on my own.

I'd like to stay here with them.

I'm not being rude.


Revised didn't have further details.


Stay in your homes.

Anatoly felt uncomfortable.

I think I'm not assertive enough.


He was persuaded to change his mind.

I'm nervous and scared.

Jimmy doesn't understand what you're saying.

I went to Iran.

They advertised a house for sale.

What size shoe does he wear?

Ram is on his way over.

I believe this is by far the best of all the plans they proposed.

Can you pay half the bill?

The weak-willed are prone to go to the dogs; the strong-willed turn failure into success.

Pratapwant's car was riddled with bullet holes.

I am very tired from teaching.

I think Bea is considerate.

I heard you playing music last night.

To find my keys, I retraced my steps from the last hour.

I met her at a club.

Human beings often lack insight into their own faults and failings.

Stop sniveling, Nanda.

Should gay marriage be legal?

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You were young.


We're doing all we can to make sure it doesn't happen again.


Armed forces besieged the city.

And they knew something which the Europeans did not.

His sudden death surprised us greatly.

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Krzysztof dyed his hair the same color as Kent's.

I cannot finish reading this thick book in a week.

What have you brought?

I get tired.

I work every other day: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Hey! Your baseball just broke my window.

I hate going to sleep after midnight.

These mushrooms have a revulsive effect. If you drink alcohol after having eaten them, you will feel very sick.

The other day you said you lost your umbrella. Did you ever find it?

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Kitty stepped out from behind his desk.


As for me, I don't want to go out.

Ed was lanky and a bit uncoordinated as a child, but he was fairly good at basketball.

I really like travelling.

Give me that book back!

Could I have a glass of water, please?

I want you to tell me what you hear.

It's time to have some fun.

Dan didn't even help Linda.

It also forms a vital cornerstone of the strategy for sustainable development.

We're getting a lot better.

I don't remember saying anything like that.

Andrea kept Winnie waiting for an hour.

"Bonanza" is not about bananas. Or maybe it is. It's a famous western series.


I believe you.


I know how to fix that.

He doesn't behave himself once he's drunk.

I'm glad Jill has gone.

The Lake Van is the greatest lake of Turkey.

Insurance companies can no longer drop your coverage when you get sick due to a mistake you made on your application.

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He may be the slowest one in our class.

It was marvelous.

He stood there looking at me.

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No matter who you ask, you won't be able to get a satisfactory answer.

Today is my day.

I wish I had helped Dana back then.


Don Jackson is the supervising producer.

I am proud of being relative with Hungarians.

Andries's nipples became erect.


Biodynamic farmers plant according to the moon phases.

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It was Becky who taught me how to do this.

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From what he says, I don't think we should go.

Why would I be afraid of you?

Don't let anyone in there without Spike's say so.


Have you ever heard someone speaking in French?

Am I supposed to, single-handedly, strengthened only by the mythical magic of my forebears, in heroic fashion smash his armies and save the beautiful princess from his clutches to finally deliver him to...

She took great pains to get the job done before the deadline.

The two of us work in the same office.

Frankly speaking, he is untrustworthy.


The bridge is one mile above.

Shannon has left the door open.

I assure you I'll do everything possible to help you.


Nelken later went to the train station to meet Sergei.


Christmas is near at hand, isn't it?

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Ellen should've finished it by now.

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I hope that's good enough.


I don't really want to play tennis this afternoon.


Christopher started cursing in French.

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You seem to have gained some weight.

We were all watching him.

If they hope to make us yield by hitting us, they're wrong. Shame on the timid who are afraid! But more shame on the cowards who profit from our misery.

Tomorrow's your day off.

Liber has a big TV.


Kieran placed fourth and did not win a medal.

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Sergeant is extraordinarily pretty.

Kathryn said he'd love to go to Boston with us in October.

You'll never guess why I'm here.


They can't do anything.

Piet assumed Jamie would be late.

We need to do our best.


I have to be absent from school next week.


We'll fly there in 50 minutes.


I thought we had settled that already.

We should read one book a month at least.

I'm sorry to hear that.

That's Roxane playing the piano.

It is time he went to school.

Could you take a look?

I'll get my diploma in two years.

Fresh paint.

I want you to leave Sridharan alone.